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Our Team

Coach Rochelle

Facility Coordinator

Softball Hitting and Pitching Coach

Coach Rochelle has taken the role of Facility Coordinator and will be a primary contact for many coaches/parents.  Rochelle brings several years of playing and coaching experience to the House of Hustle.  After a successful 4 year career she began coaching at all levels from town rec, travel, and high school.

Coach Rochelle likes to focus on turning simple contact into powerful, consistent base hits.  With pitchers, she focuses on basic mechanics and strong mentality it takes to be a pitcher!

Coach Rochelle is excited for the opportunity to work with young girls in the community at the HoH, and help them thrive to grow in, and enjoy the sport!


About House of Hustle

House of Hustle is a new, small, indoor turf facility on Grand Island. We believe that there is a need for a safe, socially interactive, space that will also to those that come to us some aspects of sport/life like: hard work, effort, listening skills, positive attitude, and HUSTLE!

While we will be running softball and baseball training, we want to offer more to our community...

We also are trying to provide some experiences for adults and non-team playing youth in the community.  We will be offering Adult Cornhole Leagues (RECREATIONAL!), Dodgeball Hours, HR Derby's, Hittrax Leagues, Date Night Drop offs (to alleviate the 'I need a babysitter' concern while keeping your children active!), and both youth and adult birthday parties!  

Our main priority at House of Hustle is to make sure you, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your classmates or your colleagues have a unique place, close to home, to be active. Stop by today to see for yourself and let the fun begin!

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